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New training courses now launched!

We are delighted to announce we have added more training courses to our academy 💕

We book dates to suit the student so we can fit them into your busy schedule! 

Training  courses include:

Acrylic Nail Diploma Beginners

Gel Nail Diploma Beginners

Up skills for gel or acrylic

TruDip Acrylic Dipping 

TruGel Gel Polish

Mereneid Gel Polish Beginners

Elleebanna Lash Lift Beginners

Wow Brow Henna Brows Beginners 

Spray Tanning Beginners 

Manicure & Pedicure Beginners

Facials Beginners

Lash Extensions Beginners

Waxing - Warm and Hot Beginners

Crystal Toes

PlasM Fibroblast 

HyaPen No needle filler

Dermaplaning facial


All our courses include full kits, accredited certificates and ongoing support!

Get in touch to book your class now! 07525634647


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