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We are constantly asked the same question, 'What can you do for my skin?' and as everyone knows all skin types need indiviual care and treatment! We have added a great range of treatments and products to our menu over the last 18 months - from LED therapy to mesotherapy and most recently Plasma / Fibroblast pen. Of course each treatment has its own price range to reflect its power so we invite anyone with skin concerns to come in for a private, no strings consultation! We will discuss skin history, current product use and suitable treatments for optimal results! and as always we give you the facts witho no pressure! Some clients may only need a a series of basic facials where some need a long term care structure - we cannot determine this without seeing the skin first hand! Book a free consultation now and let us show you what we can do! Heres part of Katherine's story! Katherine has been a gem to work with over the last few months and we will be sharing her before and after pics soon! Here is her testimonial so far: So.. I have taken my time before leaving a review as I am about 6 months in to what may be a long term investment into my skin. Thankfully I found Aine here in Enniskillen after looking around for solutions to my acne scarring. I have had issues with cystic acne and have pronounced scarring on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. My solutions looked to be based in Belfast or Dublin and I was not looking forward to taking days off work, travelling AND paying for this kind of treatment. So thank goodness for the Dollshouse....Aine is a breath of fresh air and I think more people need to be aware of her existence here in Enniskillen and her skill. Once a week I have microderm-abrasion for simple skin resurfacing - this is the relaxing side of my treatment.. Once a month I have full face micro-needling to combat the scarring. To help with that I use Bio-revitalisation injected into the scars directly (completely numbed up for these by the way so almost entirely painfree).. Once a month I have added mesotherapy for hair to combat stress related female-pattern hair fall. My hair stopped growing at one stage and is very fine towards the front of my hairline - this irks me a lot and after trying a high end trichologist in London its come to my attention that mesotherapy might be the answer. So thank goodness, Aine offers this as well. So far my skin looks brighter, is much much smoother and the scarring is significantly reduced. I can physically see changes in the scarring after each session at the Dollshouse although I won't rest until they are diminished entirely. Aine certainly knows what she is doing, will advise against treatments that I don't need as it may be a waste of money for me duplicating some treatments (dermaplane vs microderm-abrasion) and it knowledgable about what she is doing. I am just jolly glad I realised she was here and offering solutions so close to home - and we have a laugh during our sessions as well. Please visit us for a free, no pressure consultation! We will discuss your skin goals along with your budget in a relaxed environment, with no obligation to book!  

We also offer price plans and discounts on treatment plans that require several treatments! 💋

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