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Vitamin A is so now........

With thousands of products available how do we know which one is which?

The newest craze in the beauty world is Vitamin A - we just need it, so get it...

Why? Because your skin will love you for it.

Have you heard of Retinol? Don't worry, its just another word for Vitamin A! It's an antioxidant. But what's an antioxidant? These little dudes interrupt the free-radical damage process that causes skin to look older. So halting this means better, plumper, younger skin! Like the sound of that? That's where your Beautician comes in!

Like millions of other men and women across the world you probably buy lotion after lotion, spending hundreds annually on skin care that were not even sure works! But what are you supposed to do, you're trying, right? Stop, go book a facial now and get a specialised skin care routine prescribed just for you and your skin. Your specialist will tailor your routine and start to 'fix' your skin....... you need more than just retinol so get smart and spend wisely!

And don't forget, only use the products that are definitely suitable for you, firstly its a waste of money and secondly its a waste of time and you can do more harm than good!!

Our biggest selling skin care product right now is the Beenificial skin rejuvination cream. It's all natural but most of all a beautiful, rich product that works. You will see and feel the difference within days! Join us on facebook to see the whole range in action! (Available to buy from the online shop)

Need more info? Email us or book your appointment online now

Love from Dolls House x

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